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Meet Arkie


Well hello. Check out that strapping young lad in the picture over there. That’s me, Arkie. I live in Chicago and I am a freelance illustrator. Having graduated from Columbia College with a shiny new degree, I am now offering my talents to you fine people. Web comics, children’s books, fan art, custom comics - I’m down for 

Doin’ what I loves, Lovin’ what I does

My passion for illustration burns with the fire of one thousand suns. I bring this excitement and love of the craft to every project, big or small. From initial contact through delivery, I pride myself on the level of care and attention to detail that goes into every stroke of the pen. 

My Work

I work mainly in pen and ink, following in the comic book tradition - a characteristic I credit to my superfandom of Stuart Immonen and Olivier Coipel during my formative years. As a result, I find myself devoting a lot of time to my webcomic Robo Hole

From there, I have applied my ninja graphic skills to a number of children’s books, pumping out killer graphics based on the author’s stories. Sure, being able to write my own stories for Robo Hole is the, but sometimes I’d like to tell your story, too. 

Outside of comics and children’s books, my work runs the gamut. Character illustration for a local deli? Check. Custom mini-comics featuring my clients (or their kids)? Check. Xena Warrior Princess fan art? Double check. Basically anywhere you may want a pen to touch paper, I’m there.

Let’s work together

Fair warning - I’m not a big phone guy, but I am happy to talk to you about your project in person or via email or Google Hangout. Give me a holler and we can discuss the scope and timeline of whatever you are proposing. From there we can set a price that works for both of us. I’m all about the collaboration and my process reflects this commitment to every person I work with. 


Stop putzin' and shoot me an email!

I can't wait to work with ya.

Stop putzin' and shoot me an email! I can't wait to work with ya. Hire Arkie Hire Arkie